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How important are school ratings regarding academic performance?

I am of the opinion that school ratings should be abolished as they have no significant weight and are unable to help identify the best schools. To me, the most significant factors are cost, quality of education offered, curriculum requirements, international integration and the adequacy of learning materials. Not school rating. I am often skeptical about ratings. Based on my experience, these rankings like the best school districts in nj are usually manipulated to lure potential clients. Can someone give me their opinion or convince otherwise? And what do you think about the US news and world report high school rankings?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Donald Ward on January 15, 2018

The issue of whether or not ratings are important has remained debatable among parents, students, teachers, and other stakeholders. However, to me, they are. For instance, take a parent who is looking for the best school districts in New Jersey. What will such a parent use to identify the best institutions, if not the ratings? Ratings are a necessary thing in these modern days. We, therefore, have to coexist with them. On a different note, my experience is that, in places where ratings were made effectively, a standard measure was always the benchmark.

School ratings are very important as they directly affect the performance of students. Schools are rated yearly to determine the best schools academically. Students, therefore, are working hard to ensure that their schools are ranked among the best. This encourages a healthy competition among different schools in the same districts to ensure that they get the best ratings. Ratings also ensure that students are actively involved in their academics and that they put in all their best efforts towards success. This generally ensures a brighter future for the students due to the hard work and determination that they had put in their studies.

According to the high school ranking of US news and world report, the ranking of schools should be based on their level. The report ranks all the best schools that deserve to be at the top. This report is very important for parents as it provides a clear picture of how students are treated in the schools based on their overall performance. It is also unbiased, free and fair for all the schools ranked hence completely reliable. It also provides information that helps parents select the right school to enroll their children in. It helps parents understand whether their children have been studying in school or not. It is also a way for parents to appreciate their children if their school has been ranked at the top due to all the hard work they put in.

School ratings are also very important to teachers. For example, teachers that work in the best school districts in NJ have reasons to be very proud. They have been considered to be the best in the way they offer services to students. School rating determines dedication and effort that teachers put in in teaching their  students. Teachers that work in best schools are also highly sought after by other schools to provide the same kind of education they offer. School ratings are also important to the general public as they inform them of the kind and level of education offered in schools. Some people consider these ratings to be demeaning to the schools that do not perform well, but this is not true. Ratings serve to show that something is not being done right by the nonperforming schools and that they need to improve on their ways of teaching to ensure they also qualify to be ranked among the best schools.

Wilson Hansena year ago

I absolutely agree that school ratings are very important especially for us parents. We are able to find the best schools for our children hence not jeopardize the education that our children receive. Ratings also ensure that we are constantly aware of our children’s performance throughout their entire life in school. We are able to monitor their progress and also know how well they are being treated. They also keep us aware of any changes in the education sector that are important. Ratings should also be conducted as regularly as possible and for all school levels from elementary to high school. They give me the confidence and assurance to pay school fees as I am making a lifetime investment that would bear fruits in the kind of successful lives that my children will live in future. The best schools also provide relevant life skills required by students for a better future.

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