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How great is the UGA study abroad program?

I have a son in college in London who’s looking to join a study abroad program in the coming fall. He has about three semesters left and wants a good program which will allow him to visit a different country and hopefully earn course credits, so that graduation is not delayed. Is UGA study abroad a great option for international exchange students from Europe? Does it offer cheap study abroad programs affordable to middle-income parents? What is the process and difficilty of filling out the study abroad application for University of Georgia?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 27, 2018

Having your child join a study abroad program is always a great thing. Your child will gain new perspectives to world issues and will allow them to create new networks and experiences which may all be pivotal to their overall development. There are numerous educational abroad and student exchange programs that offer programs for international students from different countries. Britain will obviously be on most lists. In your case, you are looking for Study Abroad UGA programs. Is your son interested in the University of Georgia per se’ or is he’s search generic? Also, does he want any UGA program, within Europe and other parts of the world or does he want to specifically attend the campus in the US? This is the initial conversation you need to have before filling out the application.

The best place to check on what courses and schools are available to different students all around the world is the UGA GoAbroad portal. Here, you will get more information on specific courses that the university offers and other info on the GPA requirements, terms, scholarships and an overview of the programs offered. UGA is a public research university and has more than 100 programs offered spanning almost 50 different countries. The school has scholarships for international students in select programs and you can attend one of their information sessions which you may get at specific centers in your country. Scholarships are a great way to study cheap abroad as the package may cover your tuition and/or other expenses, and may greatly reduce your overall expenses. The Office of International Education will have all the information that you need on what requirements you are needed to fulfill and any other special necessities that you might need to consider. Being an international student means that you will need to consider travel insurance, getting a different visa type and any credits that may not be transferrable. The school system may be quite different there from that in the US, and you may need to check with your student office on what course credits are transferrable and which are not. Confirming everything that you need both personally and with the student office, especially about costs and financial aid. This will save you a ton of stress when your son finally travels abroad to start his program. Also, consider other world campuses before filling out the application to study abroad.

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