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How good is the NYU continuing education program?

I’m looking to get into an adult education training program, but I don’t know which one is the best to settle for. I don’t have time to attend any classes, and the only option I can go for is an online program. I’ve heard several people talking about the NYU continuing education program, but I don’t know how good the program is, and I also don’t know what else to compare it to. What other US schools offer a great education for adults and how varied or flexible are these adult learning courses?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on July 25, 2018

I don’t know what exactly you mean by flexibility. Different schools may have different packages for their courses for adult learning, and of course, these vary depending on whether the course is certified and how intense the course is. With intense programs, you’ll need to dedicate more time to complete your modules. However, most MOOCs aimed at adults usually take into consideration the physical limitations of the folks that are registered for these courses.

Some professions such as accounting actually require their practitioners to spend a good number of hours each year taking these continuing education courses. You may also want to improve your own skills and thus enroll in a continuing education class. As to the best continuing education programs, there isn’t a definite answer I can give you. Best College Reviews offers a list of the best continuing ed. colleges, but they don’t offer too much information on the same.

NYU has a long history of providing continuing education. NYU continuing ed. is probably among the best-known programs that you’ll find for higher education for adults. The program is offered through the NYU School of Professional Studies. You can sign up for actual accredited courses, or you can just sign up for the unaccredited courses where you can learn a new skill without the extras. You can build your resume, or you can just add to your skills but just remember that if you want to go for a real degree or a diploma, you should just go for the real thing. Also, the courses offered as part of their continuing education may be quite limited, and you may not get everything that you are looking for there. I’d say NYUSPS is strictly a place to sharpen your professional skills but not to get a degree. If you want to be a fully non-traditional student in the sense that you have a flexible curriculum and working times, then you should go for NYSPS.

There are other universities that offer the same packages such as NYU, but you actually have to sit down and do research on these. An adult learning course isn’t primarily meant as a conduit to full higher education, and you should be aware of this. Columbia University also offers adult education. Time Out gives a brief comparison of continuing education at various top schools and some of the benefits you’d derive going to these schools.

Caroline Campbell2 years ago

NYU continuing education through the School of Professional Studies avails certificate and degree programs although these are not the conventional courses you’d attend at the actual NYU. You can receive a student ID and can enjoy some of the amenities although these depend on whether you are enrolled for a degree or not. One thing you may like about NYU is how much they have invested in their information resource system, even if you are a continuing education student. Accessing all their resources is very easy, and you’ll enjoy learning through the SPS if you’re not looking to get a degree. Otherwise, I personally think the program is a bit overpriced and isn’t what a student looking to chase a full college degree should go for. I also think that some folks would enjoy the program if they don’t mind the quality too much. But look around first. 

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