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How good is the Brookline adult education program?

I’m planning to enroll in adult learning school. I’ve heard about Brookline adult education, but I haven’t gotten too many fair reviews about the program. Would you recommend the ACE for someone who wants to learn a completely new skill totally? What other adult school programs are there that are reputable and have good instruction? I also don’t have time to attend classes through the day, and I can only spare about an hour after I leave work. Does Brookline offer adult evening courses? What about costs?

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on July 27, 2018

Brookline Education for Adults is one of the oldest programs serving non-credit, adult education in the Massachusetts area. The school has such a wide and varied curriculum and is aimed at adults who are looking to expand their skill set, learn something totally new or go on a journey of educational enjoyment. I personally took a woodworking course at Brookline because I intended to start doing repairs and maintenance on my own farm. They actually offer evening courses for adults which is what enabled me to finish the course on time. The instructor was a really great guy who understood what he was teaching us and everybody liked the lessons.

are made up of about 13-15 students at the maximum. I had initially thought of going online to YouTube to get tutorials for the woodworking but decided otherwise because I felt if I was going to do this professionally I might as well go into a real class. The instructors pretty much offer most of the material that you need to successfully complete the class. For example, we were provided with all the different sizes of wood, the power tools, and all the other equipment. I only bought my earplugs and safety goggles.

As a school for adult learning, I’d say Brookline is great in terms of actually offering skills that you can make good use of. I always had a problem with sitting in classes with no practical examples being offered and spending too much time on one thing. I used a total of about 25 hours on my woodworking, and at the end of it all, I was doing everything like a pro. I also had a chance to take a very short cooking course at BAE, and I was very impressed with the kitchen facilities that they have provided there.

What I’d say about the BAE program specifically is that it has a great set up for an Adult School Program. Everything is timed very nicely, and the instructors are aware that they are dealing with an adult population which has other responsibilities to take care of. I like that they don’t waste time and they are always available to handle your queries and requests. The program, for the most part, isn’t expensive although some of the more technical courses might cost you. I’m not sure about the other teachers, but mine were excellent.


Leigh Mann2 years ago

I attended Brookline adult education for two semesters taking a Mandarin class and an acting class. The acting class was great, and we got to work a lot in groups. The Chinese class on the other hand for me was a letdown. The instructor used to dictate too much, and we didn’t have enough time for practical work. The instructor was also pretty low energy, and I don’t think I’d recommend anyone for that class again. The structure at Brookline is great although you should ready yourself psychologically for the fact that you’ll spend a good amount of time learning with no accreditation or certificate.

I really liked the acting class though. The teacher was awesome and quite young, so we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. She was patient with us and made sure nobody got left behind. I’ll probably take another acting class next semester if I get time.  

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