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How does US worsted classification 4 compare with UK yarns in knitting?

Theresa Perry

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Ross Pratt on June 25, 2018

See of how the categories of yarn weights compare in terms of relative gauges and sizes of needle were used to achieve those meters. Worsted weight (Category 4 - Medium) is the yarn commonly used to knit sweaters in the U.S. u.k. knitters often use a slightly thinner thread called "DK" (double knitting), which falls in Category 3 - Light. Worsted weight yarn is typically knit at 20 sts/4 in or 10 cm on US 7/4.5 mm needles, while the DK weight yarn is typically knit at 22 sts/4 inches or 10 cm on US 5/3.75 mm needles. Some countries still use the age of 2 layers, 4 layers, 6 layers, 8-ply rating to describe the threads, where 4-ply is fingering weight, 6-ply is sport weight, 8-ply is DK, and 10-ply is worsted weight. One of the problems with that system of classification is that it assumes a standard layer of weight. There are many threads these days (especially in the Bulky and Super Bulky category 5 and 6) which are of a single ply that knits in various gauges in various sizes of needle.

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