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How does UF study abroad compare to other study abroad programs in the US?

I’m planning to study medicine abroad next year and I’m hoping to a join worldwide exchange program that will give me great experience and exposure. I’ve heard of the UF study abroad program but I don’t know much about it. Where can I get the best info on the program and other study abroad programs for American Universities? Is there a possibility to study abroad for free in the US, especially if I’m studying a course like Medicine? I am a 2nd year student in Panama

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on February 26, 2018

There are numerous study abroad programs and Study Abroad UF is just one of the more widely known courses. In such a program, you can either attend the home campuses of the specific school you want to apply to, in this case in the US, or you can attend a collaborative campus in another country running a student exchange program. All the same, it is a great way to challenge yourself with new environments, cultures and experiences which will no doubt leave a lasting impact on your personal and professional life. In this case, you are applying to the University of Florida’s student exchange program and there’s a list of requirements that you need to satisfy before you can be considered.

You need to check with your student office to see whether it has any collaborative efforts or student exchange programs with UF. The requirements may differ for different courses, and especially if you want to study abroad in Medicine, you need to check with your student office to see whether exchange students are allowed. You may be allowed as an exchange student to study in the US although some course credits may not be transferrable. Also, remember that course credits do affect your financial eligibility and financial aid disbursements, so if you fall below a certain enrollment, you may lose your financial aid. The medical program might be under the UF Department of Health, Microbiology and Cell Science, and the UF website says the following countries have a partner health program; Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands.

Some of the items you’ll need to include in your application include Student English Verification forms, a Certification of Financial Responsibility, Course Request Forms and a copy of your passport among others.

Financial certification is important, and if you’re attending UF as an international student from another institution, it would be very difficult to get funding. International students in most cases need to cater for their own needs and you may apply for scholarships and grants from your home country or your school. Of course, you need to have some special qualities and you also need to check whether your school funding covers exchange programs. I do know one can study for free abroad if you get a scholarship from a specific school or if there are special circumstances surrounding your application. Confirm with your university’s student office to check what is available.


Eric Batesa year ago

UF study abroad is a great place to look if you want to enroll as an international student. I was a Florida student so I know what the campus is like and what the experience offers you. There’s a good number of international students here currently in the exchange program and they all add to the diversity that is UF. I’m not sure what university you currently attend but you need to check with the student office to see if your institution is a partner to UF or if they have a running collaborative effort. There are other education abroad programs in the US although I would root for Florida because I have been a student there. I was in a spring exchange program in my final year and got the chance to visit Zurich and other beautiful places in Europe. I also got to volunteer which adds to my experience.

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