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How does this passage develop the theme "Secrets isolate people from those around them”? ANSwER: a) Dr. Jekyll does not join his friends even though he would like to walk with them. b)Mr. Utterson recommends to the doctor more fresh air and exercise. c) Dr. Jekyll is unkind to Mr. Enfield, which is very offensive to his lawyer, Utterson. d) Mr. Utterson is beginning to suspect strange behavior in Dr. Jekyll.

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on July 26, 2018

We all know that a secret ruins everything, even of family and friendship. In the passage of the "Secrets isolate people from their environment", this is developed by "Dr. Jekyll did not join his friend, even though he would like to walk with them", because he's afraid that his secret will be discovered.The answer is the letter "a".

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