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How does the American education system work?

I have always found the American education system confusing. I want to know how the whole system is arranged from the start of education to the end. Can I get some of this information from Dept of education portal? I want to gather all the education information about America that I can get. This will be useful in enabling me to tackle my assignments. I am taking a course in education and the topic is American education. Your help on this matter will be highly appreciated.

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Donald Ward on July 31, 2018

The education system in America is straightforward enough. As Study USA will tell you, there are 12 years of study between leaving home as a child and qualifying as a high school graduate. These are divided into 1 year of kindergarten, 5 years of elementary school, 3 years of middle school and 3 years of high school. There are variations here and there, but generally, it is a 12 year study period. This is then followed by 2 or more years of community college, or 4 years or more of the university depending on what one qualifies for. Here is more about American education.

The US Department of Education portal has most of the information on education that you would like to gather. It gives you the objectives of education in the country. It also has all the laws governing the sector. It is the easiest place to find the relevant law that you may want to check. You can also learn about student loans and grants, for those who need assistance with their studies. Above all, it has all the data you would want from student enrollment numbers to academic performance. Available opportunities for studying in the country are mentioned. Those who are interested in joining the system from other countries will also know the requirements on the site. Even if you have an interest in teaching opportunities, you will get the requirements to qualify for the work. It is the most reliable and authentic source of facts about education matters in the US.

You may also want to know the comparative academic performance of America in relation to other developed nations. The program for international student assessment (PISA) exams shows that America lies somewhere in the middle, behind some countries and ahead of others. The Pew Research Center website shows the results of recent PISA assessments in literacy and numeracy skills between the countries. There are also other assessments, internal and external, whose results vary slightly one way or the other. Of concern though is that in a 2015 study, Pew research results showed that only 29% of Americans thought the teaching of science, technology, engineering and math in their country was good enough. This is a serious indictment on what always strives to be the best education system in the world. However, there is always room for improvement, even for the other higher rated systems.

Karen Wrighta year ago

The American education system is confusing for many people. This is especially the case when one is from another country. One of the main causes of this confusion is that Americans prefer to talk of elementary instead of primary school, middle instead of secondary school before they arrive at the more familiar high school. It is also confounding why Americans prefer to graduate from high school, instead of waiting to graduate from a university like others. Americans at the university are taught by professors, while undergraduate students in other countries have lecturers. They only meet professors for the first time at postgraduate level. It is even more confounding to learn that Americans can study online or at home, if they wish, while in other countries, school is a term limited to custom-built institutions. I think these are some of the most convoluted educational issues. 

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