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How does one wish someone a happy Veterans Day?

It’s not a huge, commercial holiday. I’ve heard that some veterans don’t even like the Veterans Day holiday and don’t know whether a veteran here on our campus would want a Veterans Day gift, or wishes for a happy Veterans Day. I don’t know his birthday. Must I wait for Christmas?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Justin Parker on November 7, 2018

Colleges could make these things easier. My school had “Saturday letter days” when people were officially encouraged to send each other encouraging postcards. Since this was a low-budget student endeavor the cards were recycled from surplus colored card stock. All we did was hand-write things like “Have a good week” on them. People understood.

Now, of course, everyone can download clip art, quotes, and poems to create an original personalized card, but sending your best original cards to parents and teachers may still be a good idea. If you’re not a ROTC cadet or VA hospital volunteer yourself, it will be obvious that you’re interested in this man, rather than in a relative overseas or the idea of military service.

There’s nothing wrong with Veterans Day happiness, if that’s what the veteran feels. Though less popular than Christmas cards or valentines, Veterans Day cards are easy to find online at sites like Pinterest, Zazzle,,, and I’d recommend a simple message like “Thank you,” since veterans have a wide range of reactions—even to freebies. Consider

Of all the modern patriotic holidays Veterans Day is the one most likely to bring unhappy thoughts to mind. For those who want tasteful but small, inexpensive gifts to show neighborly appreciation to people they don’t know well, seasonal cards might be more effective. There’s nothing wrong with “Happy Thanksgiving,” “Let it snow,” or “American history,” either. (US history buffs can celebrate lots of obscure anniversaries.)

Veterans Day gifts are often, though not always, best suited for older people. Volunteering at a hospital or retirement home, or with community organizations, is a good way to connect with those veterans who really need recognition and acts of gratitude. Your classmate might prefer to be noticed as an athlete, salesman, computer technician...or as a fellow volunteer.

If, however, he walks into the cafe (or pub) in his uniform or cap, when you’re there with friends, there’s nothing wrong with treating him to free coffee (or beer). Male friends will probably shout if you pay. They’ll probably also tell, later on.

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

What’s so terrible about a little interest in the man? My suggestion would be not to treat the guy to free coffee or beer on the Veterans Day holiday, either Sunday the eleventh or Monday the twelfth of 2018 . Though the holiday is observed mostly as paid leave for federal employees, banks will close and businesses will offer discounts and freebies on both days. Shout on some other weekend.

If you’re in a mixed crowd, trying to get the veteran to join you shows that you’re typical civilians who don’t know anything about military life but think it’s sort of awesome. That’s what you are so it might have some appeal. If he’s a typical 25-year-old guy who’s not ready to commit, well, that’s what he is, too. Just accept that other things in his life will need to change before he does.

Also, he may already be married.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

Happy Veterans Day sayings to thank a veteran are appropriate when they fit the person. A young veteran might appreciate just being invited to join groups of students for lunch or a game. Honoring an older veteran with a personal service like driving would be a good way to observe the Veterans Day holiday if you know one who needs the help.

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