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How does multicultural education make a better classroom?

I am planning to advance my degree in education and I would like to enroll in a program that includes multicultural education as part of the coursework. I believe that the idea of education for all is something more than just giving students of different backgrounds, races and ethnicity a seat in a classroom. I also believe that an education reform is required to make the concept more acceptable in certain communities. I want to convince my colleges in this but I do not have enough arguments about how multiculturalism improves a classroom.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on January 12, 2018

Education that is multicultural can improve a classroom is several different ways.
These include:

  • Allowing students to identify bias
    An all-inclusive education system gives students the opportunity to realize the biases that exist in their social and cultural setting, analyze and break down these biases and change their mind on different issues. When a teacher embraces diversity in the classroom, he or she gives the students an opportunity to see the world differently from what they are used to seeing. For example, when most people think about social and cultural exclusion, they think of race and ethnicity. However, these are not the only forms of exclusion in the society. People are also excluded based on disabilities. If students are given the opportunity to learn with disabled students they will learn a lot about inclusion and how to treat these people better. The disabled students will also gain a different perspective of the able-bodied student especially if they are well received in the classroom. Therefore, one of the ways you will be able to change the environment of your classroom is by changing the perspectives of every student in your classroom.
  • Enabling students to live in the post-colonial era
    During the colonial period, the industrialized nations used to believe that their point of view was the only right opinion. Therefore, students were forced to read certain books and believe different things concerning the society and other aspects of life. Unfortunately, numerous schools are still educating their students like they used to in the colonial period. Students are not given the opportunity to appreciate different points of view which might enable them to value themselves even more. This is one of the education reforms that desperately need to be implemented. As a teacher, if you embrace multiculturalism, you are giving your students the opportunity to get different points of view and judge for themselves which one to accept. This enables them to grow as individuals and accept each other despite their differences.
  • Promoting Peace
    Embracing multiculturalism also gives your student the opportunity to deal with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and race. This way, they can work together for the common good of the society. This type of setting also prepares your students for employment where they might have to deal with people from different parts of the world. With this type of setting, they will not have any trouble working with people who have different opinions and perspectives from theirs.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

I agree multicultural education is very important. Every school needs to
embrace multiculturalism by accepting students of different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and races to their school. It not only enables the students to relate to different types of people but also gives the teachers an opportunity to change their perspectives as well. This is especially important for teachers and students who live in a society that has certain harsh opinions about certain groups of people. With multiculturalism, you get to understand why certain people believe what they do, why they dress a certain way and why they live the way they do. This gives you an appreciation and understanding of the diversity of culture which eventually gives you a different and informed perspective. However, multiculturalism is something that takes a lot of time to implement successfully due to the fact that it is very difficult to change people’s opinions. Therefore, if you are looking to adopt this system, you will need to exercise patience.

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