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How does ISA study abroad work?

I have a general interest in study programs abroad because I believe they have help people interact and benefit from each other. Therefore, whenever I come across one, I want to know more about it. I am a college student already in my second year and my specific interest is summer study abroad programs to polish up my skills.

I like to travel and would be okay with studying almost anywhere in the world. I am kindly requesting for a guide on ISA study abroad such as the opportunities offered and how to apply.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on February 13, 2018

ISA studies abroad has vast opportunities for university students who want to study overseas. It blends travel, cultural sharing and learning. ISA has been in existence for over two decades offering highly reputable programs.

Programs are priced depending on the duration of the course, its complexity and the country you wish to travel to. Various factors are also considered to give students an all rounded overseas experience. However, you will find that most of the courses offered are quite affordable.

Some of the key opportunities at ISA include:


  • Academic courses.


Through the summer abroad study programs you can take up any of the numerous courses offered in cities across the world. You will find that these programs are quite affordably priced. Some programs that have positive reviews from older students include:

  1. ISA study abroad in Barcelona, Spain.
  2. ISA study abroad in Florence, Italy.
  3. ISA study abroad in London, England.
  4. ISA study abroad in Bueno Aires, Argentina.
  5. ISA study abroad in Amman, Jordan.


  • Internships and service learning.


From England to China, ISA has several opportunities to work abroad. You will gain valuable skills by working in a foreign country as well as expand your scope of employment. You can choose to intern or to learn while in service. ISA tries to assess your strengths, academic qualifications, interests and career path so as to link you to a position that matches future goals.

  • ISA EuroScholars Research Abroad.

This program gives undergraduate and post-graduate college students a chance to do their research at reputable and top tier universities situated across Europe. These students have a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with great professors, materials and facilities to do their research. Combined with a language and culture course, you will be able to interact, learn and experience a world away from home. Among the countries you can choose from include Germany, Switzerland, Belgium or Sweden

  • Scholarship opportunities.

You can fund your program abroad by applying for scholarships and grants opportunities offered by ISA and higher education institutions they have partnered with. These opportunities are available annually. Grants are offered to students who are applying for their second ISA program or have family who are ISA alumni.

However, scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis as only a limited number of students are successful. You need to understand if you are eligible for each of the scholarships offered.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

ISA is one of the best abroad programs. With all these opportunities mentioned, I believe no other organization is as broad and diverse. I would like to add that apart from university students, ISA also offers programs for high school students too. These programs may take any time from two weeks to months. It includes activities such as culture and language as well as volunteering in community programs by organizations in the host country.

There are ISA high school programs Ireland, Costa Rica, Spain, Peru, France, China, New Zealand, South Korea, Morocco, Australia, Thailand etc.  

There is also the ISA subdivision known as Veritas Christian Study Abroad. This gives students (both college and high school) the opportunity to serve in Christian ministries such as churches and orphanages in the host community.

They have a great support system that ensures you are safe and quickly adapt to your new surroundings.

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