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How does international night promote culture for international students?

I wonder why events like international night are celebrated and what kind of activities accompanies such student events. Who can attend these events and what do students need to do at such events? I am also interested in the music recital events. My friend has invited me to such an event saying that it is free of cost and is actually a cultural festival where students from all parts of the world celebrate their culture and there is food, singing, and dancing. How true is this description and is there anything to add to it?

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 19, 2018

Actually, international nights are celebrated for various reasons by different universities. Usually, students from the respective universities attend these events and outside students may or may not be allowed. Your friend is not entirely wrong about such events as being cultural festivals that let students celebrate their cultures. However, some universities celebrate this student event as a part of their fundraising campaigns to arrange scholarships for their students. Most events are held for students of all ages and it’s a very entertaining experience. There is a display of food, music and dance performances of countries around the world. Some universities also invite international artists. Pop bands and choirs are also invited. If you attend such an event, you will experience cultural diversity of the student body of your educational institution. You will also get to see the traditional clothing of some countries which is quite fun. To make such events as culturally diverse as possible, many universities invite international students from different cities and universities as well. You can learn a lot about cross-cultural communication from such events. It’s a new phase of discovery for most students because they get to learn something about others and also have fun. You can also participate as a chef by preparing a cuisine from your own country! International students also take part in dancing while singing songs from their cultures. The aim of the festival is to advocate unity and help students integrate themselves in the growing idea of globalization. Just before the event commences, the flag is raised. It is then followed by an opening speech from the master of the ceremony in a certain order. It is not just entertainment; students also get to learn about different cultures in the university.

Music recitals promote the music of other countries and give the opportunity for bands and artists from other countries to perform. Any member of the school fraternity is allowed to host the event. Usually, you will be asked to fill an online application. If you are willing to volunteer to present your own culture, you will have to prepare for it beforehand. 

Olive Wilson2 years ago

International nights are very exciting events. Taking part in these events will help you understand how to get along with different people from different cultures. In addition to this, if you are participating as a volunteer, you can improve your presentation and implementation skills. You will also get to know students from other cultures, and you can expand your friend circle. Such an event will also help you improve your communication and positive attitude.  It is true to say that through creating meaningful relationships at such events, our emotional intelligence grows. It will also be a journey in learning how different kinds of people live their lives. Most importantly, such nights are truly entertaining! I guess recitals of musical pieces are usually held at music schools. Beware though, some events can be expensive. 

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