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How does Elite continuing education compare to others in the industry?

I am not yet decided on an APA continuing education vendor. Since I have about nine months until I renew my license for the first time, I am not in a hurry to settle for a provider that doesn’t have my full confidence. I am looking for a provider that covers Florida continuing education courses as stipulated by the state. I have checked Elite continuing education, and their website looks professional to me. I am thinking of enrolling in their courses, but I’m scared of paying for something that is not of value.

Naomi Doyle

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on June 12, 2018

Trust me it is not too early to begin your credit units. It is better to start early and progress slowly than to rush at the last minute. Last minute pressure will affect your judgment about courses and CE providers. Even if you are looking for only three credit units, take time so you can spread them out.

Elite continuing Ed is so much similar to other reputable Continuing Education course providers online except that it is premium. It stands out from other providers in several aspects. It has the following advantages:

Renowned brand name: ask anyone who has done continuing education online. Two out of three people have probably heard or read about Elite. The good thing about selecting a recognized name in the education industry is because you will have fewer risks involved. If you pursue your courses from an unknown service provider, you may get swindled or have your credit rejected for licensure.

Vast experience in the education industry: Elite has been offering online education long before most providers had ventured into the industry. Throughout these years, they have offered courses to thousands of students. The fact that they are still around is to show that their services meet CE students’ standards.

Reasonable prices: you will find APA approved continuing education courses at relatively fair prices. They are not cheap though, but for quality premium courses, Elite charges reasonable prices. Anything that is professionally developed must cost a reasonable amount of money. Therefore, as much as there are free CE courses online, they may either be of low standard or be in topics that are not up-to-date with the current student demands.

They offer state recognized continuing education courses: you will find continuing ed courses recommended by your state. For example, if you choose continuing education in Florida, you will see a variety of courses along with their prices.

They have qualified educators: you can be sure that you will get course instructions from qualified instructors. These days, anyone can develop a course and sell it online to students. It is difficult to know if your instructor is skilled in the content they are supposed to teach you or not. However, Elite has very good tutors.

Study resources: the quality of the study materials you will find for a course you pay for is very high. Plus, you get to choose the form of delivery. 


Roger Moore2 years ago

Elite continuing education is a good provider. They are excellent in several fields, much like Kaplan continuing education. With several years of experience with online courses, you can identify an excellent provider immediately you see one.

From the layout of their website to the way they pass their message across, you will know if they are professionals or not. Here are some red flags to look out for when selecting a course:

  • If the course description is unavailable: does a course have 85% advertisement content and less than 15% course description? If you observe that; it is definitely a red flag.
  • If the website gives a lot of praise for their courses: do not be fooled by lucrative advertisement tags, look more closely at the actual course content.
  • If the provider is unable to answer your questions/ concerns: test the CE course provider by asking challenging questions about the course. 

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