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How does drug abuse affect American High School grades?

What is the impact of drug abuse among the high school students in America? Could drug abuse be the reason why American high school grades are getting worse day by day? Would Indiana school grades be better if some of the students were not involved in drug abuse? Is there a way that the school grades have contributed to a rise in drug abuse by students who feel that they are not doing well? Is there a role that I can play as their teacher to help them overcome this menace in order to improve the grades in American high school?

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on August 23, 2018

The rate of substance abuse in American high schools has risen to dangerous levels and this has negatively impacted the grades in American high school. Below are some of the conditions brought about by drug abuse that have negatively affected the grades in Indiana school:

Teenage violence: Students who engage in drug abuse are bound to be violent, making them receive the punishment that keeps them away from attending classes. This will make their school grade deteriorate as they may never catch up on what the other students learned in class.
Students may even get violent to an extent that they will be expelled from school if they become a threat to the safety of other students.

High school students who abuse steroids in an effort to perform better in athletics may experience pain in the chest, aggression, as well as lowering their ability to withstand diseases and infections. When this happens, they will miss classes as a result of sicknesses, and this will lead to a drop in their grades in Indiana school.

Drug abuse can also lead to depression: a student who engages in this act will be prone to depression and this may even turn suicidal. This will make the student fail to attend classes, unable to do their homework on time, and instead of attending classes, they will get into promiscuous acts.
Drug abuse affects the memory of the students and this will negatively affect his grading in American high school. Such a student will not be able to concentrate in class and when the examination is being done, the brain will not be able to remember anything he learned in class.

A student who gets addicted to drugs will need money to buy more drugs and his parents may not give him enough pocket money to satisfy his quest for drugs. For this reason, he will turn to criminal activities in search of money and this will make him end up in prison. This will ruin the chance for a bright future as the student will have to spend time behind bars.

Drug abuse also inhibits the proper growth of the brain: The brain of any human being continues to develop until he reaches the age of twenty-five years. If a student takes illegal drugs, it will interfere with the process of brain development and this is why most young people end up losing their sanity.

Karen Wright9 months ago

Every student must remember that he is responsible for his American high school grades. Any wrong act of abuse of illegal substances will make him lose his focus and end up wasting all his years in school. The school letter grades accorded to you while in high school will determine who you will be in future. You may miss an entry into your dream career as a result of one puff that you took due to peer influence. I am a recovering drug addict who started taking illegal drugs while in high school. I thought it was cool to belong to the group of student who controlled the school and took to every bad behavior that was required of every member of the gang. As a result, I was expelled from school and put behind bars for robbery with violence. Do not make bad choices; change when you still can and help others too. Your future depends on the choices you make today. Improve your grading in American high school by living positively. 

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