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How does distance learning work?

I’m currently working and trying to balance my busy schedule with school. It has however gotten very difficult to balance both. I can’t stop working, and the only alternative I have is to defer my studies for a while. I don’t know much about distance learning, but I’ve heard it might help in my situation. Does an online learning center compare to a real classroom learning? Are the best free online courses accredited and recognized by employers? Someone has mentioned UN online courses, but I don’t know much about them.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 28, 2018

The world is opening up itself more to the concept of distance learners working to the same effectiveness as learners who regularly attend classrooms. And while this concept may be limited in its application to experiential and research-based courses, the vast majority of learning institutions have embraced it as a viable means of disseminating information to students. There are millions of other students all over the world who face the same scenario. Not being able to attend class or afford tuition is a problem that affects students from all over the world and learning center online solves these challenges for them.

One of the problems as you’ve mentioned is certification of these online courses. You’ll typically find most of these free online courses being offered in collaboration with major universities around the world. While these courses are free, you might not be able to access some modules unless you pay for them. In other cases, you might get a virtual certificate but this may in no way count as a module for getting a degree or a diploma. Either way, online courses will certainly help you increase your skills and will also aid in your quest for employment.

There are numerous online sites that provide free courses. EDX is one of the most well-known names in web education provision and it provides some of the best online courses free, in collaboration with some of the leading universities around the world. I have personally used the service several times, so I know how well researched their courses are. In fact, you can access video lessons from EDX, and you also have a regular plan just like you’d have in a normal lecture. I don’t think you’ll find a more reliable MOOC as EDX online, although I might be wrong about this. Unlike most MOOCs which will typically offer business and MBA courses, EDX will offer Engineering and Health Sciences. In conjunction with some of the universities like Harvard and Stanford, you can actually work towards certification.

You can also try online UN courses from their MOOC online environment. The UN offers numerous courses which work around policy building within their organization and other key areas that affect the general scope of humanity and the environment. They follow the principle that everyone should access quality education regardless of cost, and you can benefit from that too.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

Any online learning center falls into the vast category of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), and they will help students like you who may not have too much time or cash to access classroom education. Some of these are offered by universities under the concept of distance learning, where you will be working towards a diploma or a degree. These are of course not free, and you should check with the institution where you are currently registered if they have a distance learning program to allow you to finish your education. There are other resources that you can use online such as Coursera and the British Council which will enable you to work on specific courses and certificates that will be a great addition to your skill set. If you are planning on deferring your course, maybe you should check whether an online distance substitute is available with continuity options.

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