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How does David glorify Napoleon in the painting Napoleon Crossing at the Saint-Bernard Pass?

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

James Washington on August 28, 2018

Bonaparte appears mounted in the uniform of a general in chief, wearing a gold-trimmed great, and armed with a Mamluk-style sabre. He is wreathed in the folds of a great cloak that waves in the wind. His head is turned towards the viewer, and he gestures with his right hand towards the top of the mountain.[1] His left hand grips the reins of his steed. The horse rears up on its hind legs, its mane and tail whipped against his body by the same wind that inflates Napoleon mantle. In the bottom of a line of the soldiers interspersed with artillery make their way up the mountain. Dark clouds hang over the picture and in front of Bonaparte, the mountains rise abruptly. In the foreground BONAPARTE, HANNIBAL and KAROLVS MAGNVS IMP. they are recorded in the rocks. On the breastplate yoke of the horse, the picture is signed and dated.[3]

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