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How does Crusoe differ from the English and Spanish masters he left behind to develop the island? A. Crusoe never wants to leave the island, whereas the other masters consistently make plans to return home. B. Crusoe uses the island's food resources liberally, whereas the other masters rationed out the island food resources. C. Crusoe sees his island mates as equals, whereas the other masters viewed them as savages. D. Crusoe works together with those around him, whereas the other masters fought among themselves.

Roger Moore

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1 answer

Megan Page on July 28, 2018

Correct option: (D).Robinson is the hero and the narrator of the novel. He is individualistic, independent, and bold. He persistently rebates words of wisdom and the warnings of his people and of others, and strongly recommend that you try to progress in your own life, sailing through the ocean. It is now and again overly aggressive and can't stay content with a nice life (regardless of whether in England or Brazil). Trapped in their island, who discover how to endure in solitude, and, in addition, it ends up being a fervent Christian, to atone for their sins of the past and pick up a newly discovered trust in God and his perfect organisation of the fortune. Robinson extraordinary of independence is, at times, brave, and differs much from that of English and Spanish master's degree. Engages in the tasks carried out by your team.These attributes help us to the conclusion that Crusoe, unlike any other teacher, works in conjunction with those around him, and focuses on self-confidence.

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