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How does CPM homework help make learning Mathematics a better experience?

Recently, I found out about CPM homework help, but I haven’t used it yet. Please, explain to me how it works. I would like to know what tools it includes, what are its benefits and its shortcomings? I’m particularly interested how it can help me if I have math questions and how far it would go in offering algebra homework help. I will also be very grateful if you discuss whether that kind of homework assistance is a beneficial to students in the long run or not.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on May 16, 2018

Successfully dealing with questions in maths is one of the greatest challenges in school, and the fact that it is included in other subjects like physics and chemistry makes it more complex. Some of the concepts in Mathematics are not easy to grasp, so tutors try to make it easier by coming up with some formulas.

     Sometimes even the formulas can be difficult to understand, this is where College Preparatory Mathematics comes in handy. Using tools such as internet and textbooks, CPM aims at helping students understand the simple basics of mathematics, so that they may, in turn, come up with their own ways of tackling the different math problems. Students can get assistance with homework through the internet. Despite its complexity, homework help in algebra is also offered by CPM. Programs have been put in place to effectively deal with the logic required of the numbers and letters.

Why CPM help with homework is a better option:

  • Perfect work

The help online comes from math scholars, hence, there is a guarantee that the work will be perfect, that is in term of answers.

  • Explanations are included

Apart from correct answers to the questions,  CPM also gives an explanation, step by step, as to how the answer was arrived at so that the student can understand what was done, and also be in a position to explain it to another person.

  • Prompt deliveries

No matter how urgent homework may be, CPM has a reputation of being in time, which is an essential part of every homework completion.

CPM textbooks also offer a great deal of help when it comes to learning Mathematics in class. During a lesson, students are divided into groups of four. Each of these groups comprises a facilitator, a recorder, a task manager and a resource manager. These students are assigned different roles within the team, as is stated in their names. Each of them has to bring something different on the table, and all efforts are aimed at tackling the respective problem. Using this platform, a student who didn’t get a certain concept can get the help he needs from a mate, instead of working alone on something that you do not understand.

This method has proven to be fruitful as students who are engaged in the process actively discuss among themselves, compared to the passive listening to the teacher. It’s a mirror image of how things really work in an out-of-school environment where the same approach is applied in tackling other problems and eventually coming up with the solutions as a team as opposed to working individually. 

Cynthia Bakera year ago

I find the given information useful for the person that asked that question, but my opinion is that a disadvantage of using CPM homework help is that the students don’t really get to do the homework themselves. I believe they are given homework so that they can deepen their understanding of the material discussed in class. If someone else does a task for a student, it is not fair towards the teacher and the student himself or herself. Home assignments, especially in maths, are given for students to practice and to understand this difficult subject better, taking time at home. I think that a proper way to use that service is to check if you did something correctly or not. The main idea is that a person should involve in the process and not just copy the answers. 

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