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How does chemistry affect our daily lives?

Amanda Johnson

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Nicholas Rivera on January 3, 2020

The chemistry is all around us. We use it in the kitchen while cooking(chemical reactions), and we even use it in when dying our hair.There are many items that we use daily; FLUORINE: even though it is one of the most highly reactive andaggressive elements, keeps the teeth healthy (used in toothpasteand in the tap water). NITROGEN: almost 80% of the air consists of nitrogen. We use itto breath. Without it we wouldn't have DNA, not proteins, or even nomuscles. SILICON: silicon is in the sand on the beaches, and in the crystals. Its electrical conductivity allows the PCs, mobile phones, cars,Tvs, and cameras for the job. HYDROGEN: almost absolutely everywhere. In the water, us humans, plantsand animals. ALUMINUM: used in alloy wheels, train cars, and even inbarbecuing!

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