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How does California Department of Education help in post-high school learning?

I have educated all my children in public schools and frequently used the Massachusetts Department of Education to compare elementary school profiles. I am also keen on current education news, and I spend a lot of time reading Education today for reports that can help me understand our country’s education policy. My son has completed high school, and I want to know what kind of information we can get from California Department of Education that can help him in making decisions for his further education.

Ashley Howard

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on April 18, 2018

California’s Department of Education is a state body in charge of learning under the Government of California. Its focus is public schools’ welfare. Private schools are usually independent in all matters of governance. This body is tasked with overseeing the standards of education that children in California receive, controls funding and monitors student performance in public schools.

However, as much as the Department of Education of Massachusetts helped you when your kids were younger, state education departments were not the most appropriate resource to help you son decide on a career path and suitable college.

You are the one who can help him in making the right choice in choosing a future career path. I believe that the actual college is of little importance as opposed to the career path you want. Here are some ways you can help him make future career decisions:

  • Advise him to take a career assessment test. This exercise should be the first step to any career decision making. I would recommend the MAPP test as a good option. It will match him to his most suitable career option based on his interests, talents, and aptitudes.
  • Let him do a personality test. This test evaluates his temperaments and character traits and tries to determine how well he will fit into a particular job. Most of all it can tell him if he will likely enjoy working in a specific field.
  • Consult with qualified professionals. You can get useful information from career counselors, people working in the education sector you are considering or education platforms such as EducationToday. This is a good way to eliminate options from a set of ideas under consideration.
  • Identify logical on-demand opportunities and research on them. It is not enough to like a career path; it’s also important to know if the choice is marketable in the real world.
  • Prioritize the choices. Once you have done your research, list the options again giving priority to the most agreeable potential careers.
  • Match options to suitable colleges. At this point, you can start considering which college he should apply for. Different post-secondary education institutions have different education policies. Therefore, one institution may be excellent in a specific area and weak in another. Identify colleges that excel and are well equipped in his chosen course of study.
  • Take action. Finally, he can make his application and start looking for funding.

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

I agree with this response. You will not find information relevant to your query in California Department of Education. The information you can find about higher education is mostly new regulations, performance and statistics about universities. This information is not sufficient for a student who has just completed high school and is waiting for college. However, one thing that may be useful is information on how to access funding. By funding I mean loans, grants, and scholarships. Note that they don’t give the funding directly but may offer you insight on where you can access such funding.

Platforms I believe you can get plenty of information on careers, college courses and universities. You do not need to visit these institutions. You can get all the information you need from their websites. You will get information on courses, requirements, application processes and options for financial help.

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