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How does an online eds programs work?

I am a fourth-year student at the University of Michigan. One of the requirements for my degree is doing a research project. I have now reached this stage, and my research topic is online eds programs. One of the subtopics I will be handling is “how to take online classes.” Therefore, I need a lot of content about online distance learning. I would also be glad if someone can provide some help with the recent online education statistics from any of the top ten universities in the US. Nevertheless, the data should not be more than six years old. In case you have any other useful information such as the requirements, merits, and demerits, do not hesitate giving it. Please help with this.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 19, 2018

I can lend you a helping hand with some of this information. First, an online eds program is a convenient way of completing a fully accredited certificate, diploma, and degree. Although they are regarded as easy, it is advisable to ask yourself some guiding questions especially if you are new to online distance learning programs. When making your choice of the course and school to attend, you also ought to consider your career goal. Before undertaking online courses, you should also make sure you are comfortable with the style of learning. For instance, what is your learning style/ do you learn best by reading alone, or through group discussion and face to face encounters? Do you learn best through discovery? These among others are important questions that you need to ask yourself before enrolling for online courses.

Regarding the content, how to take an online class, I can tell you this; the first step is to get admitted to a university. Secondly, choose a course online. You can also indicate the course you want to take in the admission application. Once you become a bonafide student, you will be given access and rights to the system. Your professor or an administrator will help you register for a course and also create a student account. Once you have got an account, you are good to go. Distance learning is characterized by lots of writing and self-study in the library. This is because the materials come in modules which you have to log in the student portal, download learning resources and read them on your own. This means you should also be computer literate and able to access a computer. The best way is to have your own PC.

Another important factor that students consider is careful selection of a college. Only register in institutions that are accredited, otherwise you will get a degree that will add you no value. Recent studies about online-education statistics state that the recommended duration for effective online studies is five to twelve hours a week. These hours are spent on online discussion forums, self-study and handling assignments. To score high points in such courses, you should ensure that you do not miss school deadlines. Regarding the merits of this kind of learning, online programs provide a variety of course options. They are also economical compared to ordinary courses and give you a chance to be a master of your time.

Noel Byrda year ago

I’m pro online learning. I also want to add a few points on the merits. Online distance learning enables you to learn, and advance your career while taking care of your family. This kind of learning saves you the income losses that come with study leaves. Upon completing your preferred course and submitting the certificate to your employer, you also stand a chance of getting promoted to the next job group. The increase in income in-turn improves your living standards. In the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons or hurricanes strike, affected schools often close for some time. However, with online classes, you are free from such disruptions provided you are not in the affected area. Taking online classes gives international students an opportunity to get an overseas degree without leaving their mother country. In Yale and Stanford Universities, the office of the vice-provost initiates and co- ordinates online teaching and learning. The same office also facilitates scholarships and tuition grants to enhance learning for needy students.

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