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How does an MBA help an engineer in his career?

Blair Lewis

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on March 13, 2018

License of Professional Engineers (Psa), usually associated inmuch more than the design of the project. Engineer orfirm have something to sell to the public convince to usetheir services. Sometimes, the engineering companies compete for projectsthrough competitive bidding. The engineer must be aware of the marketand, what services are required in the zone in which they are located. They are involved in financing that may includeobtaining funding for the project Bank ordifferent agencies in the government. With the aim of obtaining thisfunding, sometimes an engineer has the market theirproduct/projects to convince financial institutions that the projectis worth construction. The engineer should also check andsometimes to keep the budget for the project; what can includepayment with the contractor, the payment by local authorities forpermits, and of course, payment for engineering services.Engineers should not be involved in the project, this magnitudebut engineers do not get paid. AnMBA is useful that makes the engineer more valuable and moremarketable; which in turn means a higher salary.

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