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How does a schools financial credit union differ from a bank?

I saw an ad for this around my school zone. As far as I understood a schools financial credit union simply offers the same products and services as a bank. I then fail to understand why I should be part of both a bank and a union when they both offer similar services. Are there any benefits for my child’s school education? Does the union get to pay the fees for me or how exactly does it benefit me as a member? Is a schools credit union strictly about the school finances or it can stretch an arm to other financial issues I might have for instance businesses or other things that may require financial support?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 10, 2018

You are not fully wrong about what this union does but you are not right either. Here, membership can best be termed as ownership since all the returns go to the members in terms of high savings rates, low loan rates and even a much lower fee for services. Unlike banks, credit unions provide its members with a safe place for their savings and also a reliable place to borrow loans at reasonable rates and not offer services that are non-profitable to its members. It is about you as a member and not the service provider since the fruits are invested in the members.

You can get help from a school financial credit union and get to have a much easier time paying off your fees or that of your children. What you do is simple, open your account with this school credit union either for you as a parent or for your child as soon as the school has set up a branch. Setting a branch in a school is an initiative schools are taking today to better the education in terms of finance. This can be done by including the faculty members, administrators, board members, school district officials as well as parents and students. This fully depends on the schoolzone alongside the decision of involved persons in that particular school. Clear all doubts you possibly have and look at the fact that being a member equates you to being the owner hence a sole beneficiary in the thriving of the union yet it is still you who brings about the success of the same union. If you have questions or doubts go online and find out more about credit unions for it is time to live in this experience before getting to hear it from testimonials. These unions are here to make education in schools a worthy experience by ensuring that there are no possible issues in fee payment. Credit unions are not strictly for fee payment, they can also be used in loaning money for other things. The aim is having reasonable loan rates and ensuring the success of the business is felt by the members. Open an account now if you do not have one and get to enjoy these benefits.

Larry Warrena year ago

Generally, a school’s financial credit union is a union that is best enjoyed by both students and parents. What is not mentioned is the fact that if the union faces any possible challenges, that are very rare, then the same members get to share in the catastrophe. This is due to the fact that membership equates ownership. This is a union that creates a better opportunity for both students and adults on the lines of fee payment as well as financial support one may require that may not be fees related. To clear any questions or doubts you may have, go online and look for information on the matter, and if you do not get answers then make a call or send a message through the contacts online. This is the union that worked for me when I was a student and today still works for me as a parent as well as other parents around me.

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