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How do you use classical conditioning to shape behavior of an impulsive child?

Megan Page

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Ramon Kelly on July 28, 2018

If the child is a teenager you're not going to be able to shape him into being a good choicemaker. A professional could help. With a small child, is easy. Find what you like, and you remove it, or withhold it, when he does not perform the desired behavior.AnswerPeople often, misuse the term "Classical Conditioning". The contributor above has described some of the basic elements of what is called "Operant Conditioning", and that is probably what you were asked. You do not want to use Classical Conditioning in a child. I'm not sure that would be one way of doing this would be to give you the results that you want. Classical Conditioning involves the pairing of an "unconditioned response", such as salivation when given food, or the iris of the eye becomes smaller when it is exposed to the light more intense, to a "conditioned stimulus", like the sound of a bell. I Think That Pavlov. Repeatedly ring a bell just when you give food to a hungry dog. If you come at the right time, the dog will salivate when the bell rings.

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