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How do you use classical conditioning to get a girl to like being with you?

Victoria Fowler

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Chelsea Hayes on June 15, 2018

Response . There are two ways of approaching this question. The first has to do with approaching a woman and getting her interested in you. You can also use these tactics in get a girl to be with you. How do you do that? Consider a couple of things. First, people will unconciously mirror the facial expression of the person you are chatting with. Is reflexive and unavoidable. Try. When talking with a girl you like, try to smile a lot and you'll see that she does the same thing, which brings me to my second point. In the second place, the physical act of facial expressions--smiling and frowning--literally make you feel those same emotions. Have you not noticed that when you smile, it makes you more happy? But you can also work to your detriment. If you frown, then you will be sad. The physical actions of your body affects the state of your mood, psychological.. and Reminds of the "reflection" effect I was talking about before (when the smile the other person smiles). Well, when you talk with the girl that you are interested in, smile constantly, but not too much. The more you smile, you will notice that she will be too. Along with the second idea, that the physical actions of your body affect your mood psychological--if you're smiling a lot and so she smiles a lot then she will automatically feel happier (and we all know that girls LOVE to be happy). When you have a couple of conversations with her, and that the use of these tactics, then that is where classical conditioning takes into effect. Every time she speaks, she's going to leave feeling happier than when she came. After a couple of times, you don't even have to open your mouth because she will automatically start to feel happy because she have been associated with feelings of happiness. She will just see you are going to make you happy. Get the picture?. The second idea can also be used as a classical conditioning tool to keep the woman you want. The objective is simply to partner with the girl good emotions and dissociate ourselves from her bad emotions. If we can do this, then we can do it ourselves in a kind of contagious, charismatic individual who emits positive emotions and positive feelings, it only shows up on your door step. How do we do this? You want to be near her when she is in a good mood and avoid you like the plague, if you feel that she is in a bad state of mind. In this way, she will associate their good feelings with being with you. You want your woman to be happy, right?. I hope this helped a little...

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