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How do you tell you are choosing the right USC study abroad program?

America is a land of opportunities. These opportunities are not only limited to employment but also education opportunities. It’s without a doubt that the American economy boosts of some best academic institutions and education system in the world. While this is true, choosing the best spring break study abroad program has equally been a challenge to most students. Going by the quality of graduates we have at the workplace, I still think that we have not yet mastered the art of choosing the best USC study abroad programs in order to enjoy the opportunities and quality of education the American education system has to offer. Therefore, what are the factors one needs to consider before they go studying abroad for a year?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on March 2, 2018

Having gone through the spring break abroad study programs, I would tell you that choosing the best study abroad program is not a walk in the park. Traditionally, there were fewer higher learning institutions compared to what we have today. While this may seem like a positive side of things in reality it’s not. The influx of international educational institution has thoroughly left the average scholar spoilt for choice which is a very dangerous place to be right now.

Today’s careers are quite demanding not only when it comes to curriculum content but also their practicality. A lot of people have been left counting their losses after boarding their plains only to get back with an invalid degree despite actually attending all classes and graduating. As painful as this situation is, this is actually the reality on the ground happening to most people who fail to pay attention to their studying abroad programs before committing themselves to it.

According to some credible sources I stumbled upon online when researching for my spring break study program, there are a number of factors you need to ensure you pay attention to. First and foremost it’s your career objectives. I realized when choosing a study abroad program, your career objectives play a very important decision to influencing your institution of choice. Different institutions are reputable when it comes to offering certain kinds of program. A good academic institution is one that aligns its objectives to your career objectives.

Second to this are the experience levels of your institution. Truth be told experience matters a lot when it comes to quality of education programs. When choosing a study abroad program, I would always recommend that you go for an institution that has been long in the industry as opposed to one that has been launched recently. Suffice to say, the benefits of learning in an experienced institution is not only in their programs but also their educators.

My final point on how you’d tell you are choosing the right USC abroad study program is looking at their research options. When it comes to the job market, it’s rarely the reputation of your institution that gets you hired for the job. This point has been proven enough times by a number of individuals including Microsoft’s CEO Bill Gates. Therefore I would advise you to pay attention and focus on the researches carried out on the institution before you consider to study abroad for a year.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

I tend to agree on most of the above points when it comes to choosing the best USC study abroad program however what I strongly disagree with the above list is that the academic institution’s reputation is not a strong determinant to the institution you get to attend. The academic institution’s reputation is always determined by the above factors therefore making it equally important. I will also like to weigh and advise anybody planning on going abroad for an educational program to critically consider the costs and sponsorship programs offered by the institution. This is very important since most study abroad programs are not easy to afford more so to the average scholar and it won’t hurt getting a scholarship. You don’t want to end up terminating your education since you can’t make ends meet, cant pay for your accommodation, meals or tuition.

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