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How do you take good notes on a book?

Jodi Brooks

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Justin Parker on May 23, 2018

This depends on the type of book and on how much you already know - and what type of ram you have. If you are thinking of academic work and already has some knowledge of the subject, often the more efficient type of notes is a personalized index, i.e. an index that meets their needs, interests, and needs. Above all, don't waste time copying long excerpts from the book. It is pointless and gives unduly long notes. A personalized index of your other hand, tells you where to find information when you need it. Here are some specific things that you should read for (they are arranged in order of importance): . What happens in the book (the main plot) . The characters are descriptions, goals and desires, and how they change . Where and when the book is set) . What are the topics discussed in the book . What is the mood or atmosphere of the book is like

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