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How do you take care of a sixteen year old cat?

Ross Pratt

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Kaitlin Dean on May 5, 2018

Well, you take care of it the same way you would do any cat, but is already larger, we could consider the possibility of restrictions, as you may not want to play as much, and the teeth may be weaker than when I was younger, and it is possible that you do not want to eat much dry food and more wet food. However, you should give him a little dry food, because cats need, at least, some of both dry and wet cat food. Do not roughhouse or be rude with her, be gentle and kind and pay attention because the older cats are more prone to accidents and health failures. The bones are more fragile as well. But apart from that you should be very playful and you just have to adjust, because every cat, no matter the age, is a person, and there are no rules as to how it will act on its own. :)

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