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How do you stop yourself from getting nightmares?

Ramon Kelly

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Heather Maxwell on January 27, 2018

when I used to have nightmares, my grandfather told me that sleeping with a small Bible under my pillow and it worked very well! wishing you a good night's sleep. . Another way to stop nightmares is to buy or make a dream catcher. Dream catchers hang above you while you sleep, and the nightmares get caught in the net and the good dreams to slide down the network, and the feathers, then to you. I have a dream catcher and it really works as long as you believe it will. My mom tells me that I painted the opening of the pillowcase to the outside of your bed if you know what I mean. I have a dream catcher too. I have nightmares very rarely. I had one last night. I also keep a picture of jesus under my pillow. You can do this with any god that is believed. When I had a nightmare last night, my jesus pic was on the ground. Must have fallen off. Freaky......We hope that we have helped, and since I'm a Jehovah Witness I pray to God when I sleep and never watch T. V at night or read Or listen to music sleep

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