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How do you stop yourself from getting bored?

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1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on May 8, 2019

What you can do is play video games, sports, or the use acomputer, or watch TV (you might also accidentally learnsomething). _____ Or k, you're boring. Think! If you're with someone, talk orplay (or make) a game. If you are on your own, watching TELEVISION or in the playon from the computer or even work!! Nothing is betterthan sitting all day without do anything!!!! _____ The answer to not being bored is friends...remember,a boring personis always boring . To play video games . Go shopping . Speak with friends . Play with your pets . Browse the internet . Take a nap . To see a movie . Go for a walk . Make something to eat . Go to a restaurant . Go for a walk . Exercise . Read a book . WikiAnswers!!! Personally, I don't get bored often - if you exercise yourimagination, you don't get bored. Here are some things to try: . Read! Find an exciting adventure or a science fiction book . Watch a good movie or DVD . Playing a video game . The work of a puzzle-crossword, jigsaw, whatever you have! . Surf the internet - play search engine games like typing in your name and see what comes up - or trying to find a set ofwords that only results in A website, entering in the search engine . To go out and do some exercise - sometimes feeling tired andbored is your body's way of saying "I have to MOVE it, MOVEIT!" . Join a club like Scouts or a school club, to have a place to goand to socialize . The phone number of a friend . Write letters to everyone you know e-mail and snailmail . Draw or paint (or any other artistic hobby you enjoy) . To write a story . Start a journal or a blog . Start a new hobby . Volunteer - try reading to kids at the library or in the school,assist in a nursing home or a hospital, or work with yourhands (cleaning up litter, helping build houses with Habitat forHumanity, or helping wash cars) . Join WikiAnswers as a supervisor and spend your time answeringquestions like this!!! See a movie, find, play or buy the sims 2, try to do yourhomework (caution: the risk of suicide) or you can do what yo verecently started to do ... I search for questions on this web site Ican response. In the first place, to do something that you've been putting off. Once that isdone, to do something for fun (if nothing comes to mind, take a bike-ride or a walk). Then fix and eat a healthy lunch--we offer to do it for someone. By now, you probably have an idea of what to donext. Take a walk, read a book, mow the lawn, learn a new skill, play agame, take a nap. What is important is the use of his mind. When themind vegeta, the body soon becomes out of shape. To get outthere and find something to do! If all else fails...(gasp!)...cleanyour room. The best thing to do when you are bored is get off the computer andget out. If it rains or it's too cold to go out to the street, then findsomething to do in the house. Don't sit on your lazy butt all day -that is even more boring! Maybe even call a friend to the guys canhang? Maybe you can get your family to play a board game? Doanything you want. It is not difficult to figure out what to dowhen your bored..just use your imagination! So that the children can not..... To play on the computer, play with the DS or Gameboy, watch tv,play with toys, treasure hunt, make a song, make a game, a board game, play sports, go outside, play with pets or feed them if you have any, build a tent, build something, plant it, make a stuffed animal,call a friend, ask a parent for a friend to come round or have asleepover, to make the task of writing a story, write a play, make a puppetshow, listen to music, read a book, go to the park, ride a bike,go out and buy something, play a prank to your family, to make a minihouse, town or city, make a map or draw something. For the Adults can be..... Take a bath, take a nap, read the newspaper, go to the store, buildsomething, pay bills, write a letter, play with the kids, go out of their peers, make lunch, bake a cake or something, read a book,write something, do a crossword, draw something, doodle, go on computer, watch tv, book a holiday, or a day, go outsomewhere fun, like bowling or to the movies, eat, play sports, exit to the street,go through the images of the child, make a scrapbook, or to make or to get apresent for someone. You might do some drawing or painting, paintyour toenails (if you're a girl, but it can be done if your child as wellif you want :D ) Or if you have some pets play with them :) a ten-year old girl can find any number of activities (arts andcrafts, music, wildlife studies), but when they are away from home or adultguardians, she should be with a group, or in virtue of responsiblesupervision. Even a large group of teenagers can encountersituations that are not mature enough to solve. _____ It really depends on what is available to you, and what you're into.Get online, read a book, watch TV, maybe go for a bike ride in the fjord, something that involves actually getting up and doing somethingphysical, masturbate, enlist in the armed forces, join the circus,perhaps look into some professional career training if you are not happywith what we are doing now, crochet or cross-stitch something, dosome volunteer work, go to sleep... I mean, the sky is the limit. Well, if I were you, the BEST thing to do is to read a book,listen to music or go play outside/inside either way keep yourself busy

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