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How do you start to become an actress what do you have to do and how much does it cost?

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Jeffrey Rodriguez on July 3, 2019

Step one: Go to acting school. Acting is a job, therefore, you have to have an education. And it is a job that has to have the experience for.


If you think that you have the experience and the education to do this, go ahead and skip that part.
Step two: Get with an agency. You can't work alone, you have to get with an agency. Any agency that is going to do and you will get an agent. Your agent is like your personal manager. The book of job for you. They don't want to be paid until after you start working. Once that is paid they will want 15% of the money that you have earned.
Step three: Get an audition. Your agent to book for an audition to get a role in an act. I hope it will be!

Now, this is what you have to do when you get to be an actress. When it comes to being an actor, comes responsibility. Just because your an actress and your famous now doesn't mean you can leave without cleaning up or come prepared thinking that they will do everything for you. Trust me. You can also go to this website (v) that will help you to find out what are the things you SHOULD do.

When I have arrived at this web site, click on the "International modeling Guide" (Intl. N G) It will answer any question you have about modeling, but can work to act. Now all of them are not true about the performance. As the size, type, or figure that it has to be. Or dying or cuting your hair for a photo session (that is only for a portfolio of modeling) But the titles or subjects that have the word "model" in that it is not about acting.

How much is the cost. As I said you only pay to your agent, and, possibly, the school of acting. I can't tell you, either the cost. For the school, it depends on where you go and how often you're going. You can sign up to go for 6 weeks $200-$400 or for 2 hours $25 per hour. For the agent as I said ~15%, but I don't know exactly how much you will pay your agent, because first of all it depends on how much you make. How much is depending on your work, the talent, the show and much more. To start I have a way that you can find out how much you will pay your agent after you receive the first payment. (v)

Step one: $you make x 15% = $your agent will get
example: $1000 x 15% = $150
This is to find out how much you will really make after paying your agent.
$you make - $your agent will get = $you'll have leftover
example: $1000 - $150 = $850

That is my answer to the three questions of "How can you begin to become an actress, what you do and how much does it cost?"

I also answered the question "How do I become a model?"

Good luck to ALL of us out there who wants to do this! :-)


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