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How do you start an introduction about banning school uniforms?

Caroline Campbell

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Kristi Hammond on August 7, 2019

In the first place, it is essential not to have linen breaches of yourself - you should be a model student and a well-dressed one to boot to propose such a, frankly, difficult to tone, and the absurd notion. In fact, if you yourself are not the most respectful of the dress code, then you find someone who is and use them as their front man. Calls for "a more leniency on the dress code" and if the administration refuses then ask for more casual dress days, and then, if accepted, then we ask that, if everyone chooses to dress with elegance, even in the casual attire, it might give it more consideration. If it is a private school, the uniform is a symbol of the correction, and very unlikely to be dis-established - but everyone likes more casual dress days, and you'll be a hero.

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