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How do you set up a 529 Trust account?

Ross Pratt

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Blair Lewis on August 18, 2018

Take a look since you can get the instructions from their parents on the ins and outs of a Trust. There are some drawbacks. Consider the possibility of the organization that can save you money even for purchases in Mc Donalds--Upromise. I don't have confidence, and came from a poor family that did not have the funds. Find out in what state you want to go to college, sometimes you can begin a plan in which the state, such as Mass., then it would have to be accepted and attend the university in that particular state or not win, no deal, reality. I wish you the best of luck! There is a difference between a trust account and a 529 college savings plan. I can't say which would be the best option for you, that is a conversation for you and/or your financial advisor. But many financial institutions, such as Vanguard, Fidelity or TIAA-CREF, providing 529 college savings plans. Companies such as Morningstar, and media personalities such as Clark Howard maintain lists of the best plans. Search for "529 college plan" and some of the names here for the information you need.

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