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How do you repair a marriage when your husband has been unfaithful i have been cheated on 3 times in our marriage and he hasn't done it anymore for 2 yrs but i still can't let it go?

Roger Moore

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Zach Chandler on March 2, 2018

Try it helped our marriage. And you meet a lot of people in different stages of pain for whatever reason. It is definitely worth it, especially if you have kidos!!. ANSWER: Try to let go, and if U can't, get divorced. Simple and sweet as that sounds, U can't drag it out. If u can not put to one side, exit. If U R going to stay you should find out what they are doing that U R not. ASK. Weight, position, attitude, adventurous, whatever it is, do it or move because you will always wonder what it is, whether Or not, and he will always love you - savage love - but life...sorry.. (MORE)

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