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How do you remove old defaulted student loans from your credit report which have been repeatedly transferred between creditors and are now actively in repayment and no longer in default?

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

1 answer

Timothy Norman on November 28, 2019

Response . If these loans are within the legal time limit for appearing on your credit report (7 years per the Fair Credit Reporting Act), then there is little you can do to "remove" them. Each time the loans transferred, an account can show which reflects the history while the account was held by that particular creditor. Just because your loans are not in default does not mean that their previous default status gets erased.. Response . In contact with the lender and discuss a rehabilitation process. This takes 12 months, and then you must remove all negative credit from your file. But you must make the 12 consecutive payments at the time.. depends on how the loans were placed in repayment status after being in default!

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