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How do you refuse to write a letter of recommendation?

Bethany Evans

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1 answer

1 answer

Deborah Edwards on December 3, 2018

You should politely decline, giving whatever reason you choose to give. You could use a generic reason, such as: I'm going to make it a practice to not write recommendation letters for any person that has worked with me. You could deflect the request by suggesting that someone is more qualified to write a strong recommendation. If your letter would be negative rather than positive, and that you feel confident with to be honest, you could gently communicate that you do not want your negative comments to hurt the person the chances of getting the position / getting into the school / etc., it Is stressful to ask for letters of recommendation, so that the application immediately. You can be friendly, polite, but clear about the decline of the application. If the person chases you to write the letter, you could also use the pressure as the reason why I've decided not to write the letter.

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