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How do you quickly minimize a computer game such a Call of Duty 2 with to go on the internet open something else etc without completely closing out of the computer game on a mac computer?

Victoria Fowler

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on November 22, 2018

\n. \nWhen the game is open, simply press and hold the Alt key and Tab at the same time. Both must be located in the left part of your keyboard. From here, a rectangle with each window that opens should appear, and continues to hold the Alt key while pressing Tab to select the window to go through, after you let go, the selected window will open. In a game, the box with windows may not appear, but if you press the alt key and the tab and then let go, it minimizes the game. I hope this helps.. sorry if I make the sound long and confusing :P it Is very simple.\n. \nthis can work with Windows computers, but does not work on apple/mac. Please try to improve this response.

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