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How do you motivate yourself to do homework?

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Zach Chandler on March 31, 2018

In order to motivate yourself, you have to have some kind of rewardat the end. Obviously, wanting to get into the university no tenough to motivate you. Try something more concrete - each time that you do your homework, putsome money in a jar - at the end of the 4 months, buy somethingyou really want. Or get your parents to agree to match what yousave by doing that, and something really nice. Avoiding Work People procrastinate because we don't want to do something. Thisis a normal feeling, but avoiding things that must be done willonly cause more stress. All the time that you are avoiding thework and to do other things, which are worrying, because you know that should do the job. In addition, when the work is not done, youget a negative consequence like a bad grade, punishment, or nopaycheck if you avoid something you get paid to do!!! Checkout the Related Questions to find other ways to go back to the trackwith their work . As a current university student myself I've come across and in factasked this question to myself many times - don't stress. The typicalanswer to such a question (especially those that are to be found here, on the internet)would be: "get off facebook/internet/phone/bed/your lazy ass!" -sound about right? However, this is not only a constructive answerthat doesn't help the one that asks the question, not simply"happen"! Why? It is easy to! Human beings are creatures of habit - yes, yes, right pattern?so it would not be said if it was not true - in a few words, if youdon't have great study habits currently you can't expect to seethem the night - like that you can't expect to run a marathontomorrow if you don't have the endurance built up yet! So where do you start? A great way would be to write a list of things you "like" to do(aka. things that you currently spend your time doing - facebook/hangingout with friends (anything to NOT get to the work!) - but also alist of the things you "need/should" be doing (NOTE that I sayneed/should not "have to" - I'll explain why soon. Time management is the next step! Students are always surprised atother students who "somehow have all the time in the world" to playpiano, go to football games, go out for drinks and still manage to get good grades - think about the things that you are doing? Do youreally have time? I know that in my first year of college, I didNOT use my time wisely - I would sit around on the computer orwatching movies in my common room, and then, when I had a paper orassignement I would like to be bombarded with work! In that case I hated mywork, which made me procrastinate even more the next time! Now that you have your list of "activities" say, that likes it all and should be doing - simple everyday things that we all do, sit down downand make a plan for you. Manage your time wisely! For example, if you have an assignment due in two weeks that isworth much of your grade, don't say to yourself "I'm going to do ALLnext Sunday." Dissemination of your work, so that you can gradually getthings done and polished before the due date. That way you rebuilding your work and the achievement of its objectives slowly but surely!The reason for writing things such as "I like" down, is so that you canstill work, but enjoy your time as well! For example, write down Monday - dinner at 5 in the afternoon, free time until6:30pm - study from 6:30pm to 9:00pm - free time after 9:00pm. Nowthat has in particular apart from the hour and a half (before6:30) for the "free time" you can do what you like - facebook, goout with a friend, even lye on your bed "wander" looking at thewall. In the event that you spend the time, and not to "lose".Once 6:30 roles around you know that you are going to need to sit down and do your job! And it is even more gratifying to knowthat, well I'm going to stop at nine! Now, you may be saying to yourself,so you can't get all of my work done in 3 hours, for example. But the key is to organize yourself every day. Time management is one of the most important things and I can not emphasize how crucial - forstudents. Perhaps you may be rolling your eyes if you are inhighschool - but believe me you want to set your good work habitspre-college/university. Now that we've stressed Time Management, the next important step isMotivation! We all know that this is REALLY hard to find the motivation for something,especially if it can be something that is not especially enjoy ishard - we've all been there. But it needs to be done, right? To the right.So remember, I need to do this! The reason I say need, and not "have" to do this, it is a key aspectof motivation. If you associate "have" with something likeschoolwork for example - yes you can work you findyourself "finish" at the end. However, this does not alwayswork for most people - in fact, many abstain from their worksimply because they know they have to do it, but don't want to. You can be motivated by having goals, and by putting meaning towhatever it is you're doing - always keep yourself grounded: I need to do my homework to: . that can get me a good mark, so that . I can get that scholarship/get into a good school/graduateso . I can get a good job/career . I can choose my own path one day as well . I can keep to myself . I can be satisfied with myself . others will be satisfied with me . that I can be happy and be able to do all the other things Iwant like: (for example) - travel the world, go rock-climbing, afford the luxury of asuper-awesome-cool car! - whatever you want! In sum - it's easy to say "just do it!", but let's face itno one ever lost a hundred pounds, or got an undergraduate degreevia three little words. The action takes a lot more. Realize of yourstrengths and weaknesses - praise yourself on the things youdo best, and try to come up with a plan to fix the things that areunhappy with (this can be anything that you are not satisfied with).Manage your time, and motivate yourself - try to find some sort ofpleasure in what they are doing, even if it is "good if I thisdone right now, I can do this afternoon!" Keep busy doing something,anything, the less you do the more incapable you feel ofgetting other things accomplished! Have goals for yourself, andgive same time it is important to realize that making newhabits and breaking old ones does NOT happen overnight - ask anyonewho has ever tried to quit smoking! You can do it. Not meanyou will, but the choice is yours and only tuya.De start! If you're not used to doing things just because you have, it helps to set a time limit and have no distractions. In the first place, you might say, "I'm going to do the task for 20 minutes, and then I can get up and take a drink." Then you can say, "I'm going to finish my homework and then I can do what I want for the rest of the night." Some nights, you'll have enough homework that you're going to have to say, "I'm going to do this, and TOMORROW night I can do what I want." It takes practice and perseverance. The reward is that you understand the material better, do better on tests and get better grades. Also, the more practice you do the task, the faster you'll get at it. It also feels really great when you can achieve something that is difficult for you to do.

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