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How do you memorize vocabulary?

Ronald Miller

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Ross Pratt on September 2, 2018

To memorize a list of words, the best way is to make a set ofindex cards. Write the word on one side of the card, and if arememorizing definitions, write the definition on the other. If you are learning to spell the word, you only have to use one of the sides of thecard.Carry these cards with you everywhere! When you have a freeminute (standing in a line, riding to and from school, waiting forclass to begin with, in any place there is free time), take the cardsand work.

  1. Look at the first letter of study for a moment, then try toanswer to yourself (whether you spell the word correctly withoutlooking, or reciting the correct definition).
  2. If you make the word correctly, then turn the card upside downand put it in the bottom of the stack.
  3. If you still don't know the word, the study of the correctdefinition or spelling and repeat to yourself - then stickthat of the card in any place in the middle of the pile without turning itover.
  4. When all the cards are turned over, you have learned thewords!
This is called the Index Card Method ofstudying - or a Study of the Cover - that also works for anysituation where you have one word or math fact that has a specificanswer you can write on the back of the card.You can also try using one of those calendars where you learna new vocabulary word each day - that helps many people learn newwords.Vocabulary words and definitions are good things to get helpstudying! Having a study partner to make a contest of the session with you - taketurns to ask and answer, so that each of you understand thevocabulary words. You can also use index cards - write the word onone side and the definition on the other, and keep the cards withyou so that you can examine yourself at any time. Basically, it is only amatter of repeating it until it sticks in your mind.
Read five times. they say that out of 10 times. spell is 15 times.

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