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How do you measure your IQ?

Ramon Kelly

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1 answer

1 answer

Karen Wright on October 30, 2018

Whatever you do, just don't take an online "iq test". The only way to get a true iq test is administered to you and scored by a professional psychologist. The geeral public is strictly prohibited from having access to genuine iq tests such as the WISC, WAIS, or the Stanford-Binet. And so if you take a test online or obtain it from anywhere other than a psychologist, then it is guaranteed to be fake and your score will be meaningless. Online so-called IQ tests generally have built in positive biases to give the test-taker a very high genius-level score, making them feel good about themselves, and encouraging them to part with their email address or credit card information in exchange for a "full analysis" that is completely made. The question was, How do you measure their iq. I don't know where to find a test of intelligence. Back to the question. 100 is considered average. More than 100 above average. Below 100 was below average. . In reality you have not answered the question. That is how you compare an IQ to standardised population norms. The measurement of a person's IQ is the law of reality, the realization of the test and the test of what you are using. So basically you are saying take an intelligence test. Then you say what test you are using all despite not speaking only of what the test is supposed to be.

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