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How do you make your visit to Milwaukee Summer fest more comfortable?

Soon, it’s time to go to the Milwaukee Summer fest and I would like to make my stay comfortable. However, it is my first time at the festival this long, so I don’t know what to take and what to prepare beforehand. Are there any particular rules at the Milwaukee fest? Or is it just like any other musical event? Do you know any tips that will help me and my friends to have a great time? I really hope to make my first impression of Milwaukee music fest positive.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on August 6, 2018

First of all, you have to take care of your accommodation. The Milwaukee festival will be held for more than a week. During all this time, you will have to have a place to stay. There are many options for the guests of the fest and you better hurry up and book a room or a bed right now while there is a chance that something is available. The prices range from the unbelievable sums of Hilton City Center to the small beds in the nearby hostels. There are two other hotels that are also presented by the fest as its official partners: The Pfister Hotel and Intercontinental Milwaukee Hotel. As you can guess, these options are not for students and budget tourists. So, I suggest you or other services of this kind to find a place to stay.

Once you take care of the place to stay during this Summefest in Milwaukee, it is time to think about packing your things. My advice is to be prepared for any kind of whether summer in this city may offer us. Be sure to take a raincoat in case of bad weather. I don’t know about this event for sure, but some music festivals include umbrellas to their lists of prohibited stuff. I don’t know how they expect most people to deal with rain, but umbrellas can probably become a good weapon in the hands of mean people.

Be careful with the re-entry policy. In the previous years, you could get a re-entry Summerfest wristband for a day, but you couldn’t leave the compound after 7 p.m or so. Ask guards and the administration beforehand about the issue. Otherwise, you can be left outside and miss the headliners of the show.

To avoid trouble at the entrance, read this page -  It contains the security policies and the rules at the gates. I suggest you follow all of them and do not argue with the guards. There is also information about the services you can get there and a few tips for mothers, people with disabilities, and more.

Though Milwaukee music festival is an open-air event, almost all vendors and services work with credit cards. So, you have to take your card in addition to some cash. I usually keep them in different places, just in case I lose something. So, these are my tips for this event. I hope they will help you to have a good time and enjoy your first Summerfest music experience.

Charles McAleara year ago

I would like to add a few things every guest of Milwaukee fest should know to avoid trouble and feel comfortable.

First of all, there is a lost and found area where you can hope to find your missing things. It is local south of the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse. You can also fill in the online form on the official website if you cannot come personally. Mind that all things are stored for a month and then will be sent to a charity.
Another rule to abide is to behave. Respect other people and they will respect you. Any unacceptable behavior will result in the immediate interference of security and even police. Just in case, the area is full of medical and crown management staff. You can ask for help any time you need it. They usually wear red shirts with the Summerfest logo on them.  

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