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How do you make a good time table for studying?

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on October 1, 2019

A time table is just a way of showing what you need to do when you can make any shape you like, but here is a way to do it. Making The Time Table Take an ordinary sheet of paper and draw a line at the top, quite close to the top edge of the paper - you're going to write some column headings here later. On the left side of the sheet, write the hours of the day you have free to study, leaving space between each line so that you can write something in the columns - you can write just a few hours, or you can write per hour, more than half an hour, if you want. For example, you could start with the 8:00 am and write 8:00 on one line and 9:00 in the following; or you can write 8:00 on one line and 8:30 in the following, and then move to the 9:00 and 9:30. Keep going until your whole day listed down the left side of the page. Now, draw columns up and down the sheet for each day of the week - yes, you are going to study on weekends, too! If you don't like the way your final sheet looks, or if you have not given enough space to write assignments in the columns, just start on a clean sheet - this is your study sheet, so that it looks the way you want! It is also a good idea to save the original sheet and make a bunch of copies of the sheet instead of making a new study table each week, but if you find making the table easy, then you can make a new one each time. Filling In Your Time Table . Now that you have a table that shows the time of day for each day of the week, you can begin to fill in. You can use highlighter pens to block times that you are not going to be studying - it's not going to do the job if you are in school, for example, except for one study in the classroom. Complete any of the activities that you know you need to do-clubs, family outings, sports, what he has already planned ahead of time should be written down so that you don't plan something else at that point of time. Now, look at your assignment notebook and see if there are any big projects that they need more time - big exams, reports, science projects - anything that is going to need more than one or two days to finish needs to have a little extra time in the time table. Decide if you want to work on that project every day for a certain amount of time, or if you want to spend a day on the weekend to do everything, however you want to divide the time you will be fine, since you are the one who is in control! After that you have planned for the big projects, look to see what is due when. If you have a pop quiz on Wednesday, block of time on Tuesday afternoon to read your notes and textbook to prepare. If you need to read a chapter or a book, the Friday, the plan of how much time is needed to read a lot, and block off time throughout the week, all in an afternoon, or a little each day. If you have a class that assigns homework every day, then choose a block of time and write "Maths Homework" or (whatever class it is) in each column. The key to making a good time table is to be organized - click on the related questions for more ideas! (MORE)

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