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How do you leave your abusive husband when you have three boys to look after and are afraid your husband will go nuts and will he get the house and cars if you leave?

Donald Ward

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1 answer

Craig Stewart on September 12, 2019

Response . Definitely, seeking the help of the Battered women's hotline. These are trained prof. that have experience in these situations and know exactly how to help! People to donate all sorts of things to help women in your same situation. Things of the financial help, right down to the legal help. They even have prof. to help children through this difficult situation. Check with them and ask for their guidance.. Response . Great idea! I think you now realize that you can't make the changes you need to alone. Give up the need to be responsible and to solve for yourself is useful, since you can not feel the best of himself at the moment. Find a good, solid person that has lived through this and follow their advice. Not "yes, but" any of their advice. You just have to follow to the best of your ability.. children are important and you definitely want to be an example for them that abuse is not acceptable--you do not want to get trapped in the cycle of their lives. Find a safe place, get child support in place and then worry about the division. What I want is to be financially independent, so that he can not control his life. Some things you can do to get a job, start putting money aside and find a place to live that you can afford. The house and cars are just things. A private bank account, and the post office box are an integral part of their success. Be careful about the action in all different while you are doing this and don't let the kids know until you are ready to fly--their chances of being injured increase the closer you get to the exit. By the WAY, I did this a number of years ago and not look back. Life is so much better!

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