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How do you learn to like homework?

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Jessie Thompson on March 26, 2019

Many of the children already learn, and enjoy the challenge ofdoing the job. Here are some tips to help you: . Find something valuable on him, find the way of you canuse the information later in your life, such as the use of mathematics to help youfigure your bank account or learning the history of dates to win a TVgame show . Make it fun, try doing the work in colored pencils, makecolorful tables and graphs with the information, or simply to illustratethe work - just don't spend as much time on this just upgoofing discount! . Make it a challenge to make with their parents and figure out somekind of a reward for doing their work, such as putting money in a jarfor each assignment to pass, or simply to keep track of eachcompleted mapping in a table or chart - see how much work can be done by a certain time, or to see how much you can get yourgrades come to Say if you do this piece, it is one less piece to make. Also, reward yourself and think of fun ways to present the work!

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