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How do you keep yourself from being bored in school?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Roger Moore on November 7, 2018

Trying to do new educational explorations each day Here are some tips: . try to make the subject meaningful to figureout a way that relates to you and your life, either somethingyou could have a need for now or something that can help you later - if you make it fun, that's going to be even less bored ("I need to known how to find the factors of this number in the event that I am capturedby rabid mathematical and has to convince them not to eatme") . do puzzles and word games from its terms . illustate your laptop - you have to makesure the art helps you remember the materialinstead of just wasting time, though! . make up silly sentences and riddles to help you remember things (like My VeryEnergetic Mother Just Served Us Noodles to remember theplanets)

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