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How do you keep in touch with your bf if your going 2 different high schools and make sure he doesn't fall in love with sumone else in his school?

Whitney Matthews

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William Cain on February 17, 2020

Communication is key to distanced relationships. They call quite often (not too often, you don't want to be sticky), and let them know that you are still the man in your life. See if you can meet up on the weekends and such, and just keep in touch. When it is not in your mind when you think of other people, so make sure to keep to himself in his life. Otherwise, maybe the relationship was not meant to be, because if he really cared for you, he would be thinking about you very often, anyway. If you really think that you are right by eachother, or even love, then I was going to trust him, and don't get paranoid.

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