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How do you keep from a rabbit getting bored?

Melissa Norris

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Amanda Johnson on April 3, 2018

The easiest way to keep a rabbit entertained is to let out a bit of paper to chew on. Rabbits love to chew, and the paper is a much better alternative to your carpet. And remember that there is always that play with the rabbit! Chase and give him kisses. The printing ink on paper is bad for the rabbits and if you eat enough it could even be poisonous! You can get your rabbit some toys that will keep you entertained. Any cat toy, like the plastic balls with the jingle of the bell on the inside, are right for a rabbit. A soda can with the tab pulled off and several pebbles inside with duct tape over the hole will keep you entertained for a long time. (Just make sure you look at for sharp edges, if they lean on it enough times, may begin to bend. Simply replace it with a new one.) you can hide little treats around for him to find. (bales of straw or grass.)

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