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How do you help the poor?

Donald Ward

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1 answer

Craig Stewart on February 21, 2018

Help the poor and effectively lifting them out of poverty may seem at first to be impossible; with more than 925 million people affected can seem too big of a problem for any a person to have an effect. While the bad news is that the poverty is a big problem, the good news is that a person can have an impact and help the poor for the eradication of poverty. Simply producing more food to help end hunger and raise their families is not enough; the problems that still exist in getting the food to those who need it. The ability to pay for the meal is crucial, and without the means to support themselves, those who are poor, who are often caught in a poverty trap, they can always go out and end the cycle of poverty. For various structural, social, and economic reasons an individual may not, despite their best efforts, to escape from the trap of poverty, remaining poor, hungry and trapped in a deplorable situation. A variety of strategies that exist on a structural level, which aim to end poverty, but at the individual level, there is still good that can be done to help eradicate poverty and help the poor. For a person to help the poor and end poverty can be as simple as the support to the poverty-reduction legislation in Congress. A 30-second phone call to their congressional leaders ' offices to express support for addressing global poverty or a specific bill that addresses global poverty has a huge impact. With the sufficient amount of callers, the leaders of congress realize that the issue is important to their constituents and will pay more attention to the issue. Of the united Nations and other political bodies have programs geared specifically to the eradication of poverty, but without the funding of the nations or people that are extremely limited in what they can achieve. By supporting increased funding from the united states to the global poverty alleviation to the legislation of these types of programs will be compatible and able to make a difference in helping the poor. Donate to an organization such as The Borgen Project will also help to end poverty, with our ability to mobilize a number of people like you to call their leaders in congress, support for the fight against poverty in the legislation, and the support to the innovative ideas in the fight against poverty. Donate now to allow us to continue with our role of pressure groups for the poor of the world.

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