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How do you have flexibility?

Ross Pratt

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Ross Pratt on August 15, 2018

you can increase flexibility by using different stretches. if u are stretcing ur shoulders u can put your hands on the lower part of your back and have someone push on ur elbows until theand touch. you can also lay on the floor with the legs straight and put ur hands flat down behind u and have ur hands close together. the practice is divided on a daily basis. stretch against, to make divisions and to have someone pull your chect until you feel pain or walk ur hands down the wall until you touch the wall again antoher section i lc of more than splits and u have one foot on an object outside of the earth (the height) and the back of the leg in a split on the floor. you can do this by means of divisions and you may also have your back leg on the block of another stretch I love is pike to pikes. sit in a pike, push through a stradle until u are on ur stomach and push back to a stradle than to a pike.

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