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How do you get to ASCD Conference of Educational Leadership?

I’m looking for a way to attend the Conference on Educational Leadership but don’t know the requirements of visiting or presenting there. What are my options? In what role can I get to this Leadership Conference? If not this year, when will the conference be hosted in 2019?

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on October 30, 2018

Well, there are several options you can use. However, I’d like to suggest planning your trip for the 2019 Conference of Educational Leadership. This year, you have little time to accomplish a lot and it’d be better to make preparations without hurry. Besides, at such short notice, most options are already unavailable as the meeting will be hosted on November 2-4.

First of all, there’s a regular guest registration. The whole process is quite easy – you just visit the official Educational Leadership Conference website and look for the Registration page. Or, simply follow the link -  There are no options or VIP passes, as well as early bird registration. There are only two options – either you pay as a regular guest $599, or, other options I’ll write about later, as a ASCD member - $499. You can also choose a one-day pass that’ll cost you $269 ($236 for members) no matter which day you choose. This isn’t like buying music festival passes – the lineup doesn’t influence ticket price. Each day is great and is of the same value. If you are a student, the Educational Leadership’s pass is offered to you for only $150.

One more option is to register as a team with your colleagues or schoolmates to get one pass for free. Every fifth person of your group will enter the event free of charge. That’s a great way to save some money if you divide the general cost. Note that there’re several additional requirements for such groups that you can find on the page.

Also, a year would be enough to get a career with ASCD and truly become a part of the whole organization, not only its conference. To see the current job offerings, follow this link:  

In addition, you can opt to write for Educational Leadership and, hopefully, get published. Who knows, in the future, you may be asked to present your works on any of its conferences.
Also, last thing that comes to mind is participating as a volunteer. Usually, the conferences of such a scale look for volunteers if they are short of personnel to organize, manage, and serve the whole event. However, I’m not sure whether this conference on leadership needs them. So, look out for the call.

Kayla Bowena year ago

I believe that ASCD membership is a valuable purchase. In addition to giving you some conference perks, you get many other benefits of using it. You should know that this offer comes with perks that any educator would like to have. Among them are travel discounts in many places you may choose to stay at for the conference, cruise, or simply any vacation. Also, you get many free exclusive webinars with the relevant materials and topics. As an educator or student, you need school supplies and ACSD takes your needs into account and provides an additional discount for online and personal purchases.

As for the Leadership Conference, I bet they get to enter places and rooms closed for the regular visitors as well!

Emily Alexandera year ago

I agree with you that this upcoming Leadership Conference is as good as gone. There’s no sense in trying to get to this one specifically as all of them are equally good and another year is a good start to think about various ways to participate in it. This way, a person may become an active member instead of a silent guest who wanders around.

Also, it should be noted that there’re a couple of other interesting events and workshops preceding the Conference on Educational Leadership that are worth your time as well: Pre-Conference Institutes and the Keynote Luncheons.

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